BLOG -Summer 2018

Ain gedding better than this

August 7 Today was super fun! We started off our day by a mountain called Masada. A cable cart lifted us to the top of the mountain. The view was breath taking. We then learned about who built on top of the mountain and the

Last shabbas

Written by Shayna Travis Shabbat August 4:This week was our last Shabbat of the summer. We enjoyed every minute of it by eating, singing, and hanging out together. It was really special because we are a family at this point and therefore it was a

Fun in the sun! ☀️

By Batyah Jasper Today we traveled to the beautiful city of Tzfat. In Israel there are four holy cities that each represent one of the four elements. Tzfat is the city of air. This is because tzfat is a mystical city that is in the

Who’s got talent?

By Fay KoyfmanToday was a funfilled day. We started our day off with greeting our new Israeli Madrich, Zev. We then went to Mt. Bental and there we heard the heroic stories of the men that fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. It was

Making a difference

Written by Esti Polotsky Wednesday, August 1st, was an eventful day on Rescue Israel. We started off the day down south in Eilat and drove all the way up North to Tel Aviv. Our bus ride was full of laughter, music and enjoying everyone’s amazing company.

EILAT of fun!

By Eliana Oshinsky:Tuesday morning we woke up in Eilat with the sun shining through the windows and the palm trees blowing with the breeze. We started off the day with extreme water sports. From zooming through the sea on a tube, to riding on a

Up north!

Written by Lee Kaylie Our last Thursday of the program began with our first wake-up, davening, and breakfast at our new hotel on the Kineret shores, The Ohalo Manor. Soon, however, nearly all of us journeyed to the eastern shores of the Galilee Sea to

Camping out!

Today was such an amazing day! First of all, we were all so excited to be together again after our off weekends. The off time was fun and relaxing but we missed each other so much! We’ve really become a family here so it was

Exploring Tel Aviv!

written by sam kolber With early wake up, day 16 of Rescue Israel began. After davening and a quick breakfast we all climbed on the bus and promptly fell asleep for the hour drive to the Blind Museum in Tel Aviv. Spending an hour “blind”

Second drill!

Written by Ella Shapiro Today I had a realization, the past, present and future all rely in ourselves and you may wonder how can that be, to see my point of view I will take you back into the past of the day. we first