Ain gedding better than this

August 7

Today was super fun! We started off our day by a mountain called Masada. A cable cart lifted us to the top of the mountain. The view was breath taking. We then learned about who built on top of the mountain and the history behind each structure. We then made our way to Ein Gedi. We hiked to a waterfall and then had a chance to enjoy hanging out by the water. It was great to cool off and was really so beautiful. Then we went to the dead sea. This was really cool because the water is filled with salt so it causes everyone to float. It was fun to hangout by the beach. Some of us even played volleyball which was super fun. We then for night activity had fun challenges to complete. Lastly, we watched all the videos from the program together. That was really special to see how far we’ve come in only a month. And was also cool to see all the different friendships developing. Was the most amazing summer ever 🙂