Last shabbas

Written by Shayna Travis

Shabbat August 4:
This week was our last Shabbat of the summer. We enjoyed every minute of it by eating, singing, and hanging out together. It was really special because we are a family at this point and therefore it was a really meaningful last shabbas together. We got to hear from an amazing Hatzalah couple who shared their experiences and wisdom with us, giving us a deeper look into what being part of hatzala really is. Hearing about how these people dedicate so much of their time to helping others is truly inspiring and motivates all of us to continue to help others as well. After Shabbat we got to have our final color war competitions with team aichud/united/ white team winning. Color war gave us the opportunity to work as a team while having fun competing against each other. The competitions included guessing candy flavors, creating a fashion design out of a garbage bag and news paper, giving the best bracha/blessing to one of our advisors and more. It was a really fun experience.